Buy Back Guarantee

When you purchase a luxury watch from Official Watches, if requested we will state a ‘Buy Back Guarantee’ price on your purchase invoice. This price is given on the basis that the watch is returned to us in the same condition as it was supplied. We base our Buy Back Guarantee price on whether or not the watch may need a service and polish.


How can we do this?

As a specialist luxury watch company that invest in the most important timepieces in the industry, all of our luxury watches have a traceable price world wide. Now not only are you buying a luxury timepiece from Official Watches, but you are reassured that your luxury watch has a capped value that it will always be worth.

Official Watches is a business and we wouldn’t be doing this unless we could sell your watch for more than you’re paying now after 2 years time. Retail prices for new watches are rising by 10% per annum and as the anchor point for pre-owned watch values there is a similar increase in pre-owned values.


We would suggest a revaluation every 2 years.


Look at our offer as a worst case scenario. If you can’t sell your watch and make a profit, we will always be there as your backup.


We hope this answers your questions, but if you’d like to talk about it drop us an email on or call on 020 8882 1523.