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In 1885, IWC created the world’s first digital watch. It was a timepiece born before its time, and its daring and ingenuity set the tone for the brand’s legacy.

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Modern IWC luxury watches are inspired by great inventors, engineers and dreamers. The Ingenieur range, born in the 1950s, performs precisely in the presence of magnetic fields. The famous Pilot and Aquatimer families feature watches built to work reliably in the most demanding conditions. Elegant and innovative, IWC luxury watches retain the brand’s unique vision: to combine the pioneering spirit of American engineers with the precision of Swiss horology.

It was a US citizen, Florentine Ariosto Jones, who created the IWC brand. Like all true inventors, Jones thrived on the spark of inspiration. His greatest stroke of genius: to bring the boldness of the New World to the centuries-old tradition of Swiss luxury watchmaking. In 1868, Jones achieved his dream, and IWC was born.

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