Official Watches Repair & Service Centre in North London UK

Official Watches have been providing watch repairs, servicing and sales since 2006.

Here at Official Watches, we understand just how important a luxury timepiece is, both as an investment and a personal belonging. We offer full servicing and repairs for mechanical luxury watches, this includes all major luxury brands such as:

Rolex watches

Audemars Piguet watches

Patek Philippe watches

Hublot watches

Richard Mille watches

IWC watches

Cartier watches

Panerai watches

and for the rest of the watch brands we cater for, click here.

During a full watch service, the key performance elements of your timepiece are checked and protected. The movement is disassembled and cleaned with the utmost delicacy with both worn parts and seals being replaced. Once reassembled, the moving parts are oiled and allowed to settle. The watch is regulated. To all intents and purposes, regular servicing keeps a luxury watch in as-new condition.

Regular servicing is essential for maintaining the value of a luxury watch whatever the brand. To keep your watch working at it’s best, we highly recommend a 2-year service interval as well as having your watch revalued in case your particular watch model had appreciated in value. To learn more about luxury watch care and caring for your luxury timepiece, read our article about increasing the value of luxury watches.

We are currently in the process of updating and expanding our watch repair workshop at our London watch shop which is due to open Spring 2017.

To find out more or to book a watch repair, contact us and speak to one of our luxury watch specialists for more information.