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History of Official Watches

Official Watches was founded in October 2006 by Dino Costas and Luca Lucas. Dino had already been in the jewellery business for over 10 years and Luca came from a retail designer fashion management background after more than 10 years in that industry. Add to this the fact that they were both passionate watch enthusiasts from a young age and collectively, they brought a rich variation of skills to the luxury watch market.

Due to the partners’ watch tastes, they focused on contemporary pieces and set about buying the finest pieces they could source and began forming relationships and making contacts with other watch enthusiasts all over the World from the US to Hong Kong.

As the business grew, expansion became unavoidable and with that expansion came the recruitment of one of the finest watchmakers and technicians in the business, Pavlos Loizou. Trained by Rolex in Switzerland, Pavlos added a new dimension to the business as they could now purchase a piece in any condition and restore it to its original glory, which is any watch enthusiast’s dream come true.

In February 2007, it was decided that the business should develop an online presence so the first website was designed and developed and Official Watches was able to showcase their stock online and instantly reach out to buyers anywhere in the World. The emphasis was strongly on advertising only watches that they had in stock, as opposed to what was very much the trend at the time, and still is – dealers who advertise pieces they don’t have in stock and often aren’t even sure are available to them. Therefore, it was decided that everything Official Watches would ever advertise on their website would have to be stock they had in their possession and could therefore promise to their customers. This gave them an edge in the market as they could not only ensure that every watch was in first rate condition or unworn, but they could also make every piece available for viewing and hence deliver on their promise to provide their customers with the fine service that the luxury watch market so deserved.

The website was a rapid success and evolved and grew over the next 3 years, and the business expanded further and additional locations for the business were set up.

Today Official Watches stands as one of the main players in the luxury watch market and is known all over the World for their fine watch collection and dedication to outstanding service.