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De Grisogono

When it comes to contemporary timepieces, no one brand does it better than de Grisogono, the brand founded by Italian black diamonds specialist, Fawaz Gruosi. All of his pieces are a statement of individual style to create a personal and intimate treasure in timekeeping.

Like many other watchmakers, de Grisogono initially started as a jewellry store in 1993 offering customers exclusive works of art and precious jewellery. It was in 2000 that the brand expanded into the select circle of Haute Horlogerie, creating smart, modern timepieces. Fawaz Gruosi believed that precious jewellery was so bound by conventions that it often fell out of step with the fast moving world. To counter such a belief, Gruosi ensured that all of de Grisogono’s watches are both fun and functional. He believed jewellery to be an exciting part of women’s lives and saw the creative possibilities from gemstones, both popular and neglected.

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