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For DeWitt, a watch starts not with a drawing-board, but with an inspiration. From concept pieces to entire watch families, each DeWitt piece is a fully realised statement. The scientific exploration of Academia. The historical influences of Twenty-8-Eight - a tribute to Jerome DeWitt’s famous ancestor Napoleon Bonaparte. The contemporary steel face of Glorious Knight.

A 21st century addition to the world of haute horlogerie, DeWitt traces its lineage to Napoleon Bonaparte, King Jerome of Westphalia, and King Leopold II of Belgium. The brand’s first patent - a differential tourbillon system - was awarded the Grand Prix de l’Horlogerie de Geneve, and its concept models continue to push the bounds of creativity and design. Classicism, daring, and nobility have never looked so spectacular.

One look at the stunning dial of a DeWitt Academia Mathematical, or the extraordinary complexity of a DeWitt Grand Tourbillon, tells you all you need to know about the philosophy of this unique brand. Passion, curiosity, audacity. These are the three touchstones of the DeWitt manufacture, and they inform every luxury watch created by Jerome DeWitt since his company’s foundation in 2003.

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