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Gérald Genta

Gerald Genta created the Royal Oak in a single night. The Ingenieur Double Chronograph bears his unmissable stamp. His was the mind behind the Nautilus.

It’s no surprise, then, that when Gerald Genta decided to release his own line of luxury watches, the world of haute horlogerie sat up and took notice. Genta’s prestige pieces combine avant-garde design sensibilities with grand complications, creating some of the finest works of horological art ever made. From unusual case shapes to those legendary Mickey Mouse dials, Genta’s sense of play renders his watches utterly unique.

A Gerald Genta luxury watch is a masterstroke of design. It is a piece of horological history. Owning a Gerald Genta is like owning a Ferrari handmade by Pininfarina, or a suit personally hand-stitched by Giorgio Armani.

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