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Graham is an ideally English name for an exquisitely English watch. With their bold and oversized design, Graham watches really live up to their namesake, master watchmaker George Graham, and his curious inventions.

After perfecting innovations such as the cylinder escapement and the dead-beat escapement, while also inventing the temperature-compensated mercury pendulum, it’s no wonder that George Graham quickly adopted his predecessor (Thomas Tompion), and old business partner's reputation of the best watchmaker of his time. The Graham escapement, as it is known today by horologists, is in fact the predecessor to the Swiss anchor movement which is used universally in wristwatches today.

It was George Graham’s own philosophy that generating idea’s was more important than making money. This is why each Graham watch has it’s own quirky confidence, making it feel different to any other Swiss watch. The motto here really seems to be ‘The bigger the better’, with big movements, big pushers and bigger hands, a Graham watch really does stand apart from the rest. Despite its Swiss manufacturing, Graham watches truly seem to pride themselves in their British roots.

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