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MB&F’s catalogue of luxury watches is like nothing else in the world of haute horlogerie. ‘Legacy machines’ recreate classical design styles with the brand’s steampunk sensibility. ‘Horological machines’ imagine the future. And each luxury watch is an exquisite piece of timekeeping art.

From the clustered bubbles of the HM6 ‘Space Pirate’ to the twin engines of the ‘Thunderbolt’, these timepieces are conversation starters, spectacular renditions of childhood dreams. Monumental balance wheels, audacious dual movements, enamelled dials suspended in sapphire domes - these are true high-end pieces, but they are also truly imbued with something completely different. The soul of MB&F.

Award-winning. Mindbending. MB&F’s luxury watch designs have no equal. These extraordinary timepieces are created by the world’s most talented imaginers of the avant-garde.

MB&F is not a luxury watch design company run by a single ego. It’s a collective of watchmakers, working towards a single goal: to express time in new and fantastic ways. There are no ‘watches’ in MB&F’s manufactory. Just machines, designed to connect the wearer to an experience of time unlike any other. Where else could you find a luxury watch that describes itself as a piece of ‘performance art’ - and gets away with it?

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