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When is a watch not a watch? When it’s one of the sensationally designed luxury timepieces created by URWERK. Run by a stellar pairing of master watchmaker and graphic designer, URWERK’s avant-garde watches have won some of the most prestigious awards in the world of haute horlogerie.

These are luxury watches designed for enthusiasts, boundary breakers, and rebels. They redefine the ways in which we see and measure time. Yet at their heart, the calibres running them are as mechanically pure and innovative as anything created in a more traditional luxury watch manufactory.

URWERK isn’t simply a luxury watch brand. It’s a philosophy. Ever since its founding artists, Felix Baumgartner, Thomas Baumgartner, and Martin Frei, met in Zurich in 1996, URWERK has been concerned first and foremost with altering perceptions of time. These are not timepieces in the normal sense of the word. They’re windows into a different world.

An URWERK luxury watch demands attention. It requires the wearer to step inside its vision. From the inspired retro display of the UR-103 driver’s watch to the groundbreaking madness of the UR-1001 ‘Titan’ - a luxury watch capable of measuring the passage of millennia - these extraordinary timepieces defy rational explanation.

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