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A New Kind of Calendar – The MB&F Legacy Machine Perpetual Calendar

October 3, 2017 in Uncategorized

A perpetual calendar is one of the most important and revered complications in mechanical watchmaking. It continually tracks time without the need to reset for at least the expanse of it’s owners lifetime (actually, for around 400 years), not even for leap years due to their continued automatic, mechanical calculations of time. These devices are produced by the most eminent manufacturers, and this territory of high complication horology is rarely ventured into by modern brands unwittingly.

Max Busser and his rabble of creatively inspired, boundary-pushing Friends made the addition to world of perpetual calendar complications in 2015 with the Legacy Machine Perpetual, and staggered the watch world in doing so.

Not only taking their existing brand DNA of modernist design approaches and sci-fi inspiration, MB&F also collaborated with two of the greatest modern artisanal craftsmen for this piece. Kari Voutilainen has been responsible for movement finishing in many Legacy Machine projects such as this, but for the first time worked alongside Stephen McDonnell – a Belfast born British Watchmaker. McDonnell practically ignored perpetual calendar complications of the past, and with his penchant for prototype design came up with a n entirely new mechanism to deal with date changes and leap year calculations of the calendar.

Complications such as this are not always the focus for MB&F. This piece shows their readiness and willingness to tackle real watchmaking problems to do with time degradation and inaccuracies. So refreshing to see this seriousness come from a brand with such a capacity for humour and playfulness in many of their outlandish horological machines and art pieces.