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Franck-Muller History

Franck Muller begins premiering annual movements based on the complications of legendary watchmakers. These World Premier calibres earn Muller the reputation of a ‘genius of complications’. Shortly afterwards, Franck meets a talented casemaker, Vartan Sirmakes. The genesis of Franck Muller luxury watches has begun.

Franck Muller asks Vartan Sirmakes to design cases for his new movements. Inspired by their sympathetic approach to watch technology and design, the two men found a brand that will grow into one of the most respected in the world.

Franck Muller creates, as one of his World Premieres, a wristwatch that is at this time the most complicated in horological history. Functions include both Grande and Petite Sonneries, a minute repeater chiming on minutes, quarter-hours, and hours, and a monthly retrograde equation. The luxury watch is also capable of managing the leap year cycle, indicating moon phase and displaying the interior temperature of the movement.

The young Franck Muller brand starts up its manufactory – Watchland. Watchland occupies the site of a mansion in Genthod, Switzerland. It will take seven years for Watchland to be completed, and when it is finished it will become a site of pilgrimage for watch fans and collectors. Visitable by appointment, Watchland allows members of the public to see every stage in the secretive process of luxury watchmaking, from design through to the finished product.

Watchland is open for business.

Franck Muller’s emblematic Crazy Hours is unveiled to the world. A completely unique realisation of time, the Crazy Hours features a jumping hour mechanism, which is mechanically programmed to make disordered jumps instead of incremental moves. The hour numerals are scattered all over the dial in non-sequential order: the hour hand jumps to each one correctly, while the minute hand completes normal sweeps of the face.

The world’s first triple-axis tourbillon, the Evolution 3-1, is premiered. Both tourbillon frames, as well as the tourbillon itself, are in motion around three different axes. By creating a triaxial motion, the 3-1 tourbillon is capable of achieving every potential position in a three dimensional space, once per hour. By doing this, it is able to compensate for all variations in true running accuracy.

Franck Muller releases its most advanced and ambitious luxury watch – the Aeternitas Mega 4. At the time, this is the most complicated wristwatch ever made. The striking pillowcase design incorporates a staggering 1,483 parts to perform 36 complications. These include a Westminster Carillon, a minute repeater, an eternal calendar, day and night indication, equation of time, two time zones and a split-seconds chronograph.

The Franck Muller manufacture, which once created the world’s smallest tourbillon, reverses the feat with the release of the Giga Tourbillon. The world’s largest tourbillon regulator to be included in a wristwatch, the Giga weighs in at 20mm diameter, and features four 16mm barrels in pairs. The Giga Tourbillon has a power reserve of 10 days.

The Crazy Hours 10th anniversary edition is released.

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