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Hublot History

Carlo Crocco leaves Breil to found his own manufactory. The company he forms is initially called MDM Geneve. The first watch design he creates, which takes three years to complete, is named the ‘Hublot’ – the French word for ‘porthole’. Its design is notable for its rubber strap – the first natural rubber bracelet in the history of haute horlogerie.

The Hublot debuts at the Basel watch fair. No orders are made, but the watch quickly becomes a commercial success, selling more than $2m worth of pieces in its initial year. The Hublot brand is born.

Carlo Crocco, realising other commitments are taking his attention away from the Hublot brand, begins a quest to find a watchmaker capable of taking the reins. He meets Jean-Claude Biver, the man who has taken Blancpain and Omega and made them huge players in the luxury watch industry.

Jean-Claude Biver becomes CEO of Hublot. His first act is to create a whole new collection of luxury watches, which will debut at Basel in 2005. Its name: the Big Bang.

In April 2005, the Big Bang chronograph is revealed. Utilising modern materials and presenting a huge, bold face to the world, the Big Bang lives up to its name. It becomes an instant success, scoring a hit with collectors and gathering a series of prizes. Hublot’s orders triple in one year.

The Big Bang wins 2005’s Design Prize at the Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix. It also wins in the Sports Watch category at Japan’s Watch of the Year ceremony, and receives Best Oversized Watch at Bahrain’s Watch of the Year awards.

Hublot’s sales increase from 24m Swiss francs to 100m Swiss francs. Biver unveils his Classic Fusion models, which take the shape and spirit of the Big Bang and incorporate exciting new materials. Over the next decade, Hublot will branch out repeatedly from the Big Bang template, redefining luxury watchmaking with its audacious MP range.

Hublot releases the original MP Key of Time model, a unique luxury watch that allows the wearer to slow down or speed up time as he or she wishes. Hublot also releases its Tribute to Antikythera, based on an ancient Grecian calendar mechanism. Only four of these incredibly complicated watches are ever made, and only two will ever be sold at auction. The others remain modern artefacts, created by Hublot in a moment of pure horological inspiration.

During 2011, Hublot also becomes the official watchmaker and timekeeper for Ferrari.

Hublot releases the MP-05 LaFerrari watch, with a groundbreaking 50 day power reserve. The MP-05 is the latest in a line of successful Hublot Ferrari timepieces.

Hublot releases the MP Antikythera, a complex combination of modern horology and antique design. The MP Antikythera is a simplification of Hublot’s Tribute to Antikythera. In this incarnation, it is a luxury watch still capable of supporting incredible complications including star alignment and calendar.

Hublot unveils its successor to the MP-05 LaFerrari – the MP-05 LaFerrari Titanium Yellow. The Titanium Yellow model retains the 11-barrel HUB9005.H1.6 movement, which develops a massive 50 hours of reserve power, and is supplied with a miniaturised power tool to set and wind the watch.

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