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Jacob-Co History

Jacob Arabo, a newly-graduated jeweller, opens a store in Manhattan’s ‘Diamond District’. His designs are initially created for private orders, or for big jewellery labels.

Arabo founds Jacob & Co, a company dedicated to producing haute jewellery designs for the public. Celebrity couple Faith Evans and the Notorious B.I.G. begin patronising ‘Jacob the Jeweller’, as Arabo will become known to his ever-increasing circle of high-flying clients. Soon the Jacob & Co brand is creating high-end jewellery for some of the most famous music and media figures in the city.

Jacob & Co begins to design luxury watches. The Five Time Zone Watch, which debuts in 2002 as the brand’s first timepiece, is an instant success. Inspired by the hectic jet-setting schedules of his famous clients, Arabo creates a luxury watch that incorporates five separate time displays: New York, LA, Tokyo, Paris and a main home time zone.

A new store is opened on 57th Street.

Jacob & Co debuts the Quenttin, a luxury watch with a massive 31-day power reserve. The Quenttin utilises seven barrels, and has a vertical tourbillon that can be viewed through a side window. In 2006, Jacob & Co’s ‘The World is Yours’ watch wins the Design Award given by New York City’s Travel + Leisure magazine.

Jacob’s ‘The World is Yours’ watches feature a global map laid out in diamonds, and are powered by the Five Time Zones movement.

Jacob & Co releases the GMT Watch.

Donnie Yen becomes a Jacob & Co brand ambassador.

Milla Jovovich becomes a Jacob & Co brand ambassador.

The Epic SF24 watch is unveiled at Baselworld. A mechanical watch capable of showing 24 time zones, the SF24 uses a ‘split flap’ display to show the name of each destination. Jacob & Co also releases the Ghost Watch, a digital Swiss luxury watch whose five windows can display as many as 20 time zones.

In 2013, Cristiano Ronaldo also becomes a Jacob & Co brand ambassador.

The extraordinary Astronomia Tourbillon is revealed. Jacob & Co’s Grand Complication masterpiece, the Astronomia Tourbillon utilises a movement realised as a working model of the earth and the moon. A triaxial tourbillon with a fiery oscillator at its heart represents the sun, while the moon is a diamond. This intensely three dimensional luxury watch is presented in a hemisphere of sapphire crystal, and the working movement is also visible through large side windows.

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