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MB&F History

Maximilian Busser becomes Managing Director at Harry Winston Rare Timepieces, where he hones his reputation as a talented creator of avant-garde luxury watches.

Busser resigns from Harry Winston, and founds his own haute horlogerie company. MB&F is born with a mission – to unite wildly talented modern watchmakers and create utterly unique timepieces.

The ‘Horological Machines’ will follow soon after, starting with HM1. HM1 features a tourbillon and a seven day power reserve, and is run on four mainspring barrels.

HM2 is unveiled. HM2 includes a retrograde date, a bi-hemispherical moon phase, automatic wind and instant jumping hours.

HM3, the first MB&F luxury watch to be available in multiple incarnations, is born. HM3 is available either as a ‘Sidewinder’ or ‘Starcruiser’ model, both science fiction inspired pieces informed by the steampunk aesthetic.

HM4 is released. The case, which is designed to resemble a pair of jet engines, receives the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Geneve for Best Concept and Design Watch. Its movement features 311 individual pieces, each of which are independently developed for HM4.

MB&F’s first Legacy Machine is also released in 2011. Taking the MB&F philosophy of futurism and applying it to traditional horological instruments, the Legacy Machine family is created to showcase a retro avant-garde aesthetic. MB&F imagines how it would have designed luxury watches during the 19th century and early 20th century, and unveils a machine that looks like a steampunk Breguet. Its twin enamelled dials are housed in a hemispherical sapphire crystal, and surmounted by a huge central balance wheel.

MB&F releases HM5, a luxury watch designed to recall the supercar designs of the 1970s. A driver’s watch through and through, HM5 features a side-viewed time readout, which displays mechanical digits through a specially-designed sapphire crystal.

LM2 is premiered. MB&F’s second Legacy Machine is inspired by Abraham-Louis Breguet, Antide Janvier and Ferdinand Berthoud. It has paired flying balances, arcing over an off-centre lacquered dial.

HM6, the ‘Space Pirate’, is debuted. The Space Pirate features a concealable flying tourbillon, which is cased in a central bubble that can be shuttered behind a metal eyelid. Four extra domes showcase two turbines and the two time-telling parts of the movement.

The HM6 movement itself is unveiled to the luxury watch world in a special ceremony.

LM101, MB&F’s simplest Legacy Machine, is unveiled. LM101 is designed to appeal to the horological purist, and contains the simplest of complications – an hour and minute dial, and a power reserve. The balance wheel is still suspended over the rest of the display, but at a smaller overall size the watch is suitable for daily wear on any wrist.

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