A big factor when choosing any watch is depreciation. 

Let Official Watches reduce any worry with our Buy Back Service.

Our Buy Back service guarantees that we will purchase your watch back from you, at exactly the price you paid if want to switch up, switch over, or sell completely two years after purchase. 

Not only that, but we also extend the warranty of Buy Back watches to two years, giving you added peace of mind and full cover.

Get the best of everything with Buy Back. For full terms and conditions click here

Here’s some more information about the Buy-Back from Official Watches based on questions from customers interested in our scheme:

Where’s the catch? 

There isn’t one. This commitment is simple. Bring your watch back to us in two years time and we will give you your money back. You won’t get a store credit. If you decide to use the money to buy another watch that’s great but it’ll be your decision not ours. We’ve not buried escape clauses in the terms and conditions. There are a few very reasonable exceptions but in principle what you see is what you get. 

What are the exceptions? 

If your watch is damaged beyond what we consider to be reasonable use and that damage is not covered by the warranty such as chipped glass or damaged bezel for example, there will be a deduction from the purchase price in order that we can return the watch to a saleable condition. 

Leather straps will, in the majority of cases need to be replaced for hygiene reasons and this cost will be deducted from the sum offered. 

With a bracelet watch, we will be expecting a reasonable amount of wear commensurate with age and good care. So long as that is the case there wouldn’t be a deduction for the refurbishment. 

Why are we doing it? 

  1. Added value. For many years we have understood the importance of good service and one of the ways we try to earn and maintain customer loyalty is through added value. Things outside of the transaction which help establish Official Watches as the only fine watch resource you’ll ever need.

     2.    It works financially for both customers and Official Watches. New watch retail prices are rising by     10% p.a and there is a similar increase in pre-owned values. 

Our offer is based on “worst case scenario”  - If you can’t sell your watch and make a profit, we’re here to make sure you don’t lose money. 

We hope this answers your questions but if you’d like to talk to us about it pick up the phone or drop us an email on info@officialwatches.com