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Bremont History

Late 1990’s: Brothers Nick and Giles are forced to land in a field in France as bad weathers begins to close in on their 1930’s biplane. The farmer who’s filed the brothers landed in allows them to hide their plane in his barn and offers them his help. The brothers promise never to forget the kinds Frenchman’s hospitality, and they stay true to their word. That man’s name was Antoine Bremont, and his name became that of the brother’s brand.

2002: Bremont is founded in Henley-ON-Thames by brothers Nick and Giles English.

2007: Five years after the company was founded, Bremont launches its first luxury watch collection maintaining their intended retro aviation feel through their development period.

Martin-Baker (A British aviation company responsible for supplying 70% of the world’s Air Forces with fighter ejection seat technology) approached Bremont to create the definitive aviation watch. This watch had to withstand the same rigorous testing programmes as the ejection seats themselves.

2009: Bremont produces a watch dedicated to a World War II fighter legend, the P-51 Mustang ‘Fragile But Agile’. Seeing this timepieces was the deciding factor for Boeing to select Bremont as a new partner to commemorate the rich history of their brand.

The Bremont MBI is born. This limited edition watch remains solely for pilots who have ejected from an aircraft using a Martin-Baker seat. The MBII and MBIII are available to all.

2010: Bremont collaborates with Jaguar, developing a unique analogue dashboard clock in keeping with the 778 horsepower super car’s futuristic nature. They also created a mechanical clock for the Jaguar XJ75

2011: Bremont wins ‘Watch Brand Of The Year Award’ from the UK Jewellery Awards.

2012: Bremont wins the ‘Breakthrough Brand’ award from the Luxury Briefing Awards.

2013: Bremont is the overall winner of the HSBC Global Connections award and is the double winner of the UK Retail Jewellery Awards.

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