Official Watches was founded in 2006 by Dino Costas and Luca Lucas

Dino had been in the jewellery trade and Luca in the management of fashion and retail.

As avid watch aficionados, they combined their experience and brought a rich variety of skills to the luxury watch market with the vision of supplying the very best contemporary pieces to connoisseurs around the world.

As the business grew, the partners recruited fellow enthusiasts who brought their talents in sales, communication, finance, and marketing to the company, as well as niche areas of horological interest. 

It was important when building the team to find people who knew and loved the watches they were dealing with. 

With expansion came the need to provide diagnostics, repair and refinishing facilities so that a full aftercare service could be offered to customers, and indeed, anybody who needed it. 

Official Watches moved to 6 Duke Street. 

Located in the heart of Mayfair between Manchester Square and Selfridges, the contemporary showroom boasts a large selection of luxury watches, a fully equipped service centre, a coffee bar and lounge for clients, and a newly installed outdoor gem aptly named “Jardin Du Mayfair” which acts as a backdrop for the newly launched Official Watches YouTube channel. 

Although Official Watches has a thriving presence with its Instagram @officialwatches which has over half a million followers, the team wanted to introduce an interactive and human element to their social media so that watches could be not only viewed, but reviewed, discussed, and shown in all their multi-dimensional glory. 

The Official Watches human is Oscar Strong, who plans to showcase some incredible timepieces as well as take viewers to events, tours, launches, and festivals so that they can not only view and learn more about luxury watches but get involved with the day-to-day life of the business and share an inside view of the industry. 

Over 15 years since inception, Official Watches is now an established and leading company within the luxury watch industry.