We are unable to offer warranty on perishable items such as straps, neither are we able to offer a warranty repair or service for watches which have been damaged through misuse or misadventure. This includes but is not limited to - submersion in water beyond manufacturer recommendation, dropping, modification, substitution of parts with aftermarket items (eg, replacement bezels, gem-setting etc).

Accidental damage voids any pre-existing Official Watches warranty either from purchase or offered as a result of servicing and/or repair. 

We are unable to offer a warranty on watches which have been booked in for polish only as this is cosmetic work and does not affect the wellbeing of the movement and mechanical parts. 

Declined estimates incur an inspection and labour charge of £50.00

All prices are subject to parts required. Parts are not included in basic servicing prices. 

All saphire/plexi/mineral glass replacements are subject to cost. 

All prices include VAT.