We are able and more than happy to provide valuations for the purpose of insurance.

We will evaluate your watch and either provide a "NRV" valuation which is "New Replacement Value" or  "Current Market Price" if your watch is valued at above recommended retail price or is a discontinued/vintage model.
We will discuss these variations with you at the time and ensure that the valuation provided is most suited to your needs. 

We will need to see the watch in person so that we can assess it correctly and note down serial numbers.

It would also be useful if you could provide any documentation that you have with the watch such as warranty cards or certificates etc. This will enable us to give a fair and honest appraisal. 

Our valuation charge is 1.5% of the value of the watch. 
We will provide a valuation certificate to you which can be sent to insurers or kept safely with your timepiece and also retain a copy of this certificate on file should it need to be accessed at a later date. 

If you would like to discuss valuations further please get in touch.