Rolex Day-Date 40mm Green Dial 228238



A quick rundown of this new 2022 model!

18ct yellow gold with bright green dial, sometimes also known as the Rolex "money dial".
40mm so plenty of wrist presence without being overbearing.
Cal 3255 with 70 hrs power reserve and adjusted to run at +2/-2 so has superlative chronometer status.

You can spot the new 70hr power movements by the crown logo in between swiss and made at the base of the dial by the 6.

Unlumed Roman numerals, this is the new yellow gold counterpart to the everrose and olive variant.
The use of yellow gold and money green is much less restrained and feeds into the if youve got it, flaunt it way of thinking that Rolex sometimes presents customers with.
President bracelet.
Modern Day-Dates no longer suffer from bracelet "stretch" as Rolex now uses a ceramic sleeve inside their bracelet links to reduce wear and friction.

Bye bye sloppy bracelets!