Rolex Day-Date ‘Eisenkiesel’ Dial 228345RBR

Launched in 2021 with remarkably little fanfare was Rolex's latest stone dial for their venerable Day-Date. Eisenkiessel. And we’re obsessed with it. 

Eisenkiessel, which translates from German to “Iron Pebble” is a quartz variant which features streaks of golden or rust brown courtesy of iron deposits running through to create a network of irregular lines and branches. 

It almost looks like a river and tributary system on an old map and as a dial material, its mesmerising.

This hand-finished dial can be found only on Everose Day-Dates, presumably due to rose gold being the most complimentary metal to pair it with. It wouldn’t work half as well against cooler white gold or platinum and if there's one thing that Rolex knows how to nail, it’s matching dials to metals. 

Eisenkiessel dials are exceptionally difficult to manufacture successfully as when you’re dealing with ultra thin slices of hard stone, there’s a high risk of chipping or fracturing during the polishing process. 

Fortunately, though, Rolex is a dab hand at dealing with stone dials as the Day-Date line has featured them for over half a century. 

Since no half measures have been taken, this particular Day-Date features not only Eisenkiessel, but 10 baguette-cut diamonds for the hour markers and a stonking full diamond factory bezel. Go big or go home right? 

The result isn’t remotely subtle, but it works like an absolute charm. 

As for the rest of the piece, it’s the same Day-Date that we’ve come to know and love. 

40mm, full Everose Gold, President bracelet, and running the new generation calibre 3255 which gives you a 70 hour power reserve and accuracy of +2 / -2 per day. 

If you love it as much as we do, drop us a message or give us a call!